Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bowling Night Report 5/21/09

Always double check your magazines to make sure you loaded them to the correct capacity. On my first run tonight I didn't check and only had seven rounds in the magazine instead of eight. That necessitated an emergency reload in the first part of the stage, which just happened to have four targets. Transitioning between that and the next part of the stage would have made for a better reloading point. I had to switch magazines again after engaging the next three targets, because it was another four-target set and I only had one shot left. This made sure I had enough rounds to engage the remaining three targets with two shots left over. I had accounted to have four shots out of twenty-four remaining instead, and the last two targets were head-only shots as well.

The second run went great, once I ensured all of my magazines had eight shots each.

The shooting group is doing great, too. We're running over 100 scoresheets a week, including a lot of new shooters. We have some new women shooters in the group as well and they're taking to IPSC like ducks to water. Our county is getting more and more skilled shooters every week now. I think I like that a lot.

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