Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bowling Night Report 5/14/09

Tonight's match involved moving backwards from four paper targets and a no-shoot that blocked part of the two center targets to engage the next set of targets, which just happened to be one paper and five steel targets. I saw some people turn around to run back to the next shooting position, but I was more concerned with safety. After all, you're not allowed to break the 180-degree plane that separates uprange from downrange. Not only would there be a good chance to sweep yourself with a loaded gun, you could break the 180 and endanger someone else.

My strategy was to engage the first four targets from the box, back up and sidestep to the second shooting position, then engage the steel targets. My time wasn't great, but safety in shooting games is very important to me. We're not playing with toys, after all.

My accuracy, though was very good. So, hopefully I'll score high on the match tonight. I also kept score for a good portion of the match. Trying to spread out all the shooters from their initial run-through to their re-shoots while keeping score and confirming the range officer's scores is difficult at best if you don't do it all the time. I hope our club's gallant data entry specialist can read my chicken-scratch handwriting.

In other news, it looks like I'll need to examine the bolt on my old Revelation 120. The firing pin strikes very lightly on every other shot sometimes, so I need to see if there's a problem with the pin or the extractors. At least it's easy to reassemble. When it shoots, though, it shoots very nicely. The scope also makes it a wonderful little rifle, too. I may yet try my hand at small game hunting this year.

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