Friday, April 10, 2009

Bowling Night Report 4/9/09

Since I've purchased my new 1911, steel popper targets have been less of a challenge to me. The steel plates in last night's stage decided to get a little revenge last night for their larger metal brethren. I still have trouble shooting at a downward angle like that at smaller targets. On my first run, I left one of the plates standing due to not wanting to waste more ammunition and time than I already had. Everyone asked me why I left a plate standing and went to the next shooting spot. My second run proved why I left that plate standing. I had to use 10 rounds for five plates, requiring a reload and more careful aim. I did what I could to keep all my shots on the paper targets' A zones to make up for the time lost on the plates. I still wound up not doing so hot due to excessive time on the stage.

My guess is that missing that plate will be less of a score-killer than spending all the extra time on the plates. The steel targets won last night, but the war between man and steel plate is not yet over!

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