Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bowling Night Report, 2/5/09

Tonight was a typical classifier night for me. Not bad, but not great would be my assessment of my shooting tonight. I was still a little low, which means a little more time at the range is needed. So, I'll have to remedy that this weekend.

The stage was pretty simple: engage three targets from Box A, run to Box B and engage the remaining three targets. My shots were a little wilder than I like, but no misses were scored against me. Sometimes it seems like your simplest stages are the toughest. The distances aren't the problem. My guess is that it's deceptively simple; the targets are set to make it look like it'll be a breeze. It's a check to see if you're overconfident, I guess. I need to check my front sight as well. It didn't seem to catch the light as easily as normal on my last run.

The big news for tonight, though, is that the first batch of my new reloading gear arrived. Thanks to the folks at Kempf's Gun Shop I now own a new "Classic Turret Press" from Lee Precision. The price was just about right for what I wanted as a starter. It's at just the right price point where I can see if reloading is going to help me shoot more often for the same amount of money, or possibly less money. It's also inexpensive enough that if I don't like reloading then I'm not out a lot of money. My stuff arrived in good shape, nothing broken or out of place. Soon I'll have my necessary measuring gear and brass preparation equipment and I'll be ready to start recycling my brass the right way: back into loaded cartridges! I'll have to start showing off the press a little bit, too, especially if I get it done right the first time.

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