Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bowling Night Report 2/19/09

No shooting goodness tonight. The sinuses are draining and the last place I need to be is in a very cold indoor shooting range.

However, there is other shooting goodness in Illinois that isn't expending a single shot. HB0245 and HB0462 are two bills before the Illinois House that would create a shall-issue concealed carry law in Illinois. These are more like Texas' laws than Vermont's, but we can at least get into the 21st Century with the other 48 states with concealed-carry laws. You'll have to go through the usual licensing and training issue, but it'll be worth it. Home rule preemption is written into each bill as well.

I support concealed carry and I always will. The police can't teleport to you, so you might need something a little more than thinking happy thoughts.

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