Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bowling Night Report 1/29/09

Round count is your friend. Go through the stage in your mind, see how many shots you can get out of the magazine before needing to reload so you don't have to reload in the middle of engaging a target. Determine where each reload spot needs to be. Then when the timer beeps, STICK WITH THE PLAN. I didn't do that part and had to reload while trying to place the second shot on a paper target. When planning out an approach to a stage, make sure you can maintain your focus.

In another sign that more new shooters are showing up to the matches, the parking lot for our regular venue was packed. You couldn't move any vehicles into the lot. Even the closest off-street parking was packed. I don't mind having to slog through the snow and wait longer for my turn, though. The sport gets better with each new shooter, and each new practical shooter is a person who can better appreciate the right protected by the Second Amendment.

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