Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bowling Night Report, 1/22/09

Tonight wasn't quite as awesome as last week, but it was still very good. The fiber-optic front sight is great at catching my eye and allows me to hit very precisely. Whatever I put in front of that orange dot gets two shots into it closely and quickly. I had a little trouble with the steel targets tonight but that was more due to slow reloads than anything else.

Something that I forgot tonight that really killed my time was magazine placement. I have them placed where they're most comfortable and that's good. The thing that wasn't so good was having the magazines sitting backwards in the mag pouch, causing me to nearly flub a reload tonight. The re-shoot allowed me to switch the magazines to their proper alignment but I screwed up on two of my weak-side targets. Ah well, we can't have all A-zone shots every night.

Fortunately there's next week, too. After seeing how low my supply of .40 S&W ammunition is, I think it's time I finally invested in a reloading press. I have all this empty brass just waiting to be cleaned and reused. And they say we conservatives never recycle...

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