Friday, January 16, 2009

Bowling Night Report 1/15/08

I think the 1911 has made me a believer in single-stack handguns. As I was stepping back from my second run on tonight's stage a lot of people commented on how much better my shooting was with the 1911 than with the XD40. It's pretty amazing to see what happens when you switch to a gun that fits your hand better and is heavy enough to counteract the recoil of the .40 Smith & Wesson round.

Does this mean that my fondness for Springfield's (and Croatian manufacturer HS Produkt's) line of polymer-framed pistols is gone? Hardly. If anything, it gives me the opportunity to play around with the XD40 and tinker with it to see if it can become a pistol that's easier to handle. Since I can't make my hand fit the gun any better, I'll try to fit the gun to my hand. It'll be nice to have an extra handgun to use either as a competition backup or strictly for home defense.

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