Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bowling Night Report 1/29/09

Round count is your friend. Go through the stage in your mind, see how many shots you can get out of the magazine before needing to reload so you don't have to reload in the middle of engaging a target. Determine where each reload spot needs to be. Then when the timer beeps, STICK WITH THE PLAN. I didn't do that part and had to reload while trying to place the second shot on a paper target. When planning out an approach to a stage, make sure you can maintain your focus.

In another sign that more new shooters are showing up to the matches, the parking lot for our regular venue was packed. You couldn't move any vehicles into the lot. Even the closest off-street parking was packed. I don't mind having to slog through the snow and wait longer for my turn, though. The sport gets better with each new shooter, and each new practical shooter is a person who can better appreciate the right protected by the Second Amendment.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bowling Night Report, 1/22/09

Tonight wasn't quite as awesome as last week, but it was still very good. The fiber-optic front sight is great at catching my eye and allows me to hit very precisely. Whatever I put in front of that orange dot gets two shots into it closely and quickly. I had a little trouble with the steel targets tonight but that was more due to slow reloads than anything else.

Something that I forgot tonight that really killed my time was magazine placement. I have them placed where they're most comfortable and that's good. The thing that wasn't so good was having the magazines sitting backwards in the mag pouch, causing me to nearly flub a reload tonight. The re-shoot allowed me to switch the magazines to their proper alignment but I screwed up on two of my weak-side targets. Ah well, we can't have all A-zone shots every night.

Fortunately there's next week, too. After seeing how low my supply of .40 S&W ammunition is, I think it's time I finally invested in a reloading press. I have all this empty brass just waiting to be cleaned and reused. And they say we conservatives never recycle...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'd be remiss in not mentioning this song...

It's called "Elephant Gun" by a young man named Zach Condon, and his band, Beirut. It's got a bit to do with elephant guns, though being from the Midwest, I'm not sure I'll see too many rampaging elephants around here. I'm really surprised at how much I like this song. The lead singer reminds me a lot of Timo Malo, the former lead singer of The Mavericks. I always liked his voice as well, so that may be it. Anyway, enjoy it, and if you like this, look for his stuff on and throw some cash his way. Most of it is in downloadable format, too.

And now, back to talk about shooting stuff competitively.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bowling Night Report 1/15/08

I think the 1911 has made me a believer in single-stack handguns. As I was stepping back from my second run on tonight's stage a lot of people commented on how much better my shooting was with the 1911 than with the XD40. It's pretty amazing to see what happens when you switch to a gun that fits your hand better and is heavy enough to counteract the recoil of the .40 Smith & Wesson round.

Does this mean that my fondness for Springfield's (and Croatian manufacturer HS Produkt's) line of polymer-framed pistols is gone? Hardly. If anything, it gives me the opportunity to play around with the XD40 and tinker with it to see if it can become a pistol that's easier to handle. Since I can't make my hand fit the gun any better, I'll try to fit the gun to my hand. It'll be nice to have an extra handgun to use either as a competition backup or strictly for home defense.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bowling Night Report, 1/08/09

It's a new year, I have a new pistol (An STI Trojan in .40 S&W) and apparently this is the handgun I'm going to shoot in competition from now on. I usually suck at classifiers. They're rarely good to me, and tonight's setup required engaging the targets using only my strong hand, then engaging later using only my weak hand. I was surprised at how much the 1911 style of handgun fits my hand pretty much perfectly. I was also pleased with the accuracy. Each of the three targets tonight would end up with eight shots in each if shot properly. Tonight, I got to hear "Eight Alpha!" as my score on one of the targets. Most of my shots went right where I aimed that sight, center of mass. There were plenty of low shots, most of which were scored when I was shooting using only one hand. I'll need to work a little more on that.

The other beautiful thing besides my shooting tonight was the influx of new shooters. I got to the match at about 6pm tonight, and usually I'm done shooting by 7pm. I didn't get a chance to shoot until about 8pm. That's almost unheard of on classifier nights, since the stages shot on those nights tend to be very quick. More shooters means more competition, sure, but it also means a lot more fun. If one of your local ranges has a weekly IPSC match, go check it out. It's always good to have more shooters in the sport. As I've said somewhere before, it's probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Last year wasn't bad for me, and I hope next year is even better.

The only problem I have with New Year celebrations is that even if I stay I at home, I'm up late. So, I overslept and missed the IPSC match we were going to have this morning.

As for resolutions, I have a few.

Attend Mass more often. More exercise. Run at least one 5k this year, walk Abe's Amble this year instead of run. Shoot at a C classifier status this year. Use more vacation time. Generally have a lot more fun than last year.

With luck I'll make these and more.