Thursday, December 04, 2008

Weekly Bowling Night Report 12/4/08

I didn't shoot so hot tonight, which is normal for a classifier. Most of the targets were partially concealed behind no-shoot targets, so trying to get a good shot in wasn't so easy. The first run was the best missing once on an unconcealed target and hitting only one no-shoot target. The second run was worse all around when I hit two no-shoots and missed one target completely, and with a longer time no less.

I think it's time to see if it's as much the gun as it is my technique. I enjoy shooting the XD40 but I need to seriously consider if it's the best gun for me in competition. It doesn't fit my hand "just so" and that can lead to problems with shooting it. The Model 1911 made famous by Colt fits my hand well, so maybe it's time to upgrade to a classic style of handgun.

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