Tuesday, December 23, 2008


On Thursday, I got frozen out of my IPSC match night. Because of the impending Christmas Day holiday (and a beautiful holiday it is) we had this week's match re-scheduled for tonight.

So of course we get a combination of little snow in the morning, a crap load of freezing rain during the afternoon, and follow it up with regular rain that is beginning to freeze now that the sun has set. I tell you, how is a guy supposed to get a little recreational shooting in this week? Thursday is my only day off this week. (Yes, my state office is back on the clock Friday. I hope the other agencies lucked out with a day off.)

I guess I'll be waiting until Saturday and also waiting for the upcoming "Hangover Match" at the range on New Years' Day. Besides, this is probably God's way of saying "Save your ammo for next week. It'll be better then."

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