Friday, December 05, 2008

The Annual Day of the Ninja is Here!

I know, I know. Once again, you promised yourself you'd do something ninja-related on Day of the Ninja. And once again, it just sort of snuck up on you. Well, it's the Annual Day of the Ninja. It's supposed to sneak up on you. And now that you know, go forth and embrace your inner ninja! If you see a ninja out there today, give him a hug and then tell him he has shamed his ancestors for being seen!

Ninjas have made a great transition in American pop culture. Whereas they were once looked upon as sneaky little spies and assassins thanks to James Bond movies, they went through a period in the 1980s of becoming pop culture icons. Don't believe me? Well, let's see... we had the American Ninja series of movies, the tv show "The Master" starring Lee Van Cleef and Sho Kosugi, the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle (maybe it was called that in Japan, but I doubt it), GI Joe had all kinds of ninja-riffic servicemen and women, and of course, Blue Oyster Cult released an album in the mid-80's called "Club Ninja."

Of course, the most popular ninja of them all at the moment doesn't even wear all black like his predecessors. Apparently today's ninja wears safety orange. And if you can be sneaky in that get-up, you're pretty good.

So, have an enjoyable Day of the Ninja and try not to be attacked from the shadows.

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