Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bowling Night Report, 11/25/08

What's this? IPSC night is on a Tuesday and not a Thursday? Well, we had our IPSC night this week moved to Tuesday from its usual Thursday slot due to Thanksgiving. For a little fun, our club's head honcho and builder put together a Texas Star target: 5 small steel plates on a free-spinning spoked wheel. They balance each other out normally, but once you shoot one the wheel begins to spin and the targets move. Most of the steel targets I'm used to are regular knockdown plates or poppers. Having to knock down a small steel plate that was moving was a new experience for me, and I have to say that I like it. It's as much of a challenge as the spinning or other moving cardboard targets, if not a little more so. Some of the shooters tonight lucked out: two of our shooters knocked down two targets with one shot, and one shooter knocked down three targets with one shot. The spring-loaded latches are supposed to have some give in them to let the plates drop off of the spokes when they're hit, and if you luck out and hit the right spot on the spoked wheel, you might just knock down multiple targets. That's more luck than skill, though.

The poppers were a bit on the difficult side for me tonight, but I tend to be a bit weaker on them because of shooting at a downward angle and all. The cardboard targets were their usual selves. I wasn't expecting to hit the targets at all once they started moving around, so when I burned through less than one magazine on the star I considered it a good shoot. My first run wasn't so good, with one miss total (on the cardboard targets, no less) and a time of around 42 seconds. The next time I dropped it to 30 seconds and change with no misses. The XD40 performed in its usual workhorse style and didn't give me a single bit of trouble. Other guns may come and go, but the XD40 is still a keeper to me.

In all, the rotating steel plates may not seem to be the most practical or "tactical" of targets, but you're getting practice at shooting something that's on the move and acting in a way that looks like it's avoiding being hit. Shooting a moving target provides at least a little practice out there for everyone who normally stays on a regular shooting line with static targets. So regardless of the utter practicality of the target, it's a challenge. That challenge is enough to make it a hell of a lot of fun. I hope we use that target setup more often. If you've got some cowboy shooters out there with a target setup like that, ask if you can use it. I like it as a good timing exercise.

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