Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Over!

Abe's Amble, that is. I walked more than I ran, and the results show it. 1:47:46 was my official time. I had an average pace of 17:23. I was expecting a 2-hour even time based on my times around the neighborhood, so I did better than I expected. So, can I run a 10k? Kind of. Am I better off running a 5k? Most likely. So, that's what I'm going to shoot for from now on. I need to cut a lot of time off of my pace, so that's the next part.

I doubt I'll ever really enjoy running, but at least I now have a baseline to use for future measurements of progress. I got a lot of good data out of this race.

Next time, though, I'll run the 2-mile at the beginning of the fair. This 10k stuff is crazy for a weekend athlete-type.


Weetabix said...

5k's are much more enjoyable, and the free shirts wear just the same!

Aakash said...

Hello Mr. Hinds... I have been out-of-the-Blogosphere lately (and periodically!), due to various life factors... And have been neglecting my own blog as well.

It is good to be back here (though I disagree with your comment, which caused me to follow a link back here, at this entry - I had checked that entry, to see if the comment I tried to post there, a few days ago, has been published; I see that it hasn't... I plan to publish it and a couple others, at my blog [since I haven't had the time or focus to compose the new entries that are on the backlog, that could be productive].

One reason that I am glad to be back here is that I remembered, as soon as I saw the url of your weblog, that it is an Illinois blog... Thank you for your coverage of the politics of this state, and thank you for keeping your weblog up-to-date - that has become quite difficult, for some of us (I just went over to Spoons, and saw that it still seems to be stuck - though there was something on Tony Snow, who we [@ UIS] were fortunate to see, at what must have been his last major public appearance. I feel bad that we haven't issued the statement on his passing yet though, like we did for Senator Vince Demuzio and President Ronald Reagan... Oh - And Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. That really needs to be done, before the end of this month (also when our Relay for Life period will end.

At about this time last night, I found another weblog from your area... This one for the first time, via an Adsense ad that blogger must have purchased, which actually displayed on the front page of (so he must have gotten a lot of traffic!). I am glad that many bloggers are covering the elections and political events of our state, from a conservative and Republican perspective... I only wish I could be a part of that - something that would be great, especially being here in the capital city, and with the news of Obama coming back here soon, to announce his running mate.

(Then again, I wasn't able to blog on his announcement speech - or for President Bush's last visit here, in Springfield... Though I was certainly doing just about everything but blogging, during those periods!)

I just saw that John Ruberry, also an Illinois conservative/GOP blogger, also still has his weblog current, and the subheading says that he is a credentialed blogger for the Republican National Convention, which this year, will be in our region... The same city (well, one twin-city over, perhaps) where we were, for the YAF Midwest Conference). Sean Hackbarth had recently made me aware of the blogger-credentialing for this event; I had run into him, both at CPAC 2006, and at CPAC 2008. I wasn't planning to attend, but was informed early this week that in order to attend (in accordance with the STORM "Top 40" contest of the College Republican National Committee), we don't even need to go through the State or National Republican Parties, by purchasing a Convention package [for which the deadline has officially expired, anyway].

Are you planning on attending the Convention? (Being in the 'burbs, you guys are about half the distance from the Twin Cities as we are - something I found out, when we attended YAF.) Also, along those lines (and regarding that "Selling Conservative" blogger's thoughts above), are you in the 14th U.S. House District? That entry is the first one I've seen on Bill Foster, as I said in the comment there, but I do remember bookmarking an entry, from yet another Republican blogger in the Chicago suburban area, on the Republican primary situation (perhaps it was about then-Speaker Hastert, Senator Lauzen, and Mr. Oberweis), I think back towards the end of last year. That is one of many topics that I wish I'd been able to blog about... Maybe some day I will. If you are not in that District, are you in another one of those, that has a key congressional race?

I wish things were looking better for us, in the federal congressional races this year... But there is still a way's to go (it's considering a "lifetime's" worth of time, campaign-wise) before November, and anything can happen. With hard work, we can turn things around, and achieve victory this fall.

Keep up the good work with this site... and with all else you are clearly accomplishing! :-)

(Our efforts are going to be crucial, during this important year.)

Jason said...

Sorry, Aakash, I live in the Springfield area now. I moved back in 2006 after four years of looking for a decent job in the burbs. I'm too lazy to switch over to another blog, so I'm continuing this one. I work at a specific state agency now that requires me to not work on any political campaigns of any stripe. This is because I deal with enforcing certain parts of the election code now. So I can't hit either convention, nor can I say who I do or do not want for various public offices. The only things I really talk about now are my hobbies of practical shooting and running. Occasionally matters of faith and military affairs show up, as do gun rights. Those are the only subjects I allow to get close to political these days.

So, yeah, I'm pretty much out of the politics game where most things are concerned. There are some things, though, like gun ownership rights, that will cause me to comment on this blog. I do more now to show the positive side of gun ownership: confidence in being able to defend one's home, the social aspects of ownership, and the like. Since I'd lose my job if I campaigned for any specific candidate, I'll show the better side of shooting as best as I can.