Friday, August 01, 2008

Bowling Night Report, 7/31/08

The motto of practical shooting (more specifically IPSC, the International Practical Shooting Confederation) is "Diligentias, Vis, Celeritas" or "Accuracy, Power, Speed." Well, I've got the accuracy and the power parts down pat, but the speed isn't there just yet. I was only able to shoot one stage last night, so I had to make things count. I got a lot of maximum-scoring hits in the A-Zone of the targets, but I was about seven seconds slower than I would have liked. It was nice to hear all those calls of "Two alphas!" after the shoot, though.

The stage had a fun start as well. One of the targets was a steel "popper," like the ones that made my life difficult last week. That target was attached via cable to a disappearing target. When you shot the steel target, it would trip the cable and allow the disappearing target to swing up and down quickly, like someone popping up, then diving for cover. Those targets, spinning targets and hiding targets are a great way to test for speed, since you don't get points unless you hit the front side of the target. I got both shots dead center of the disappearing target last night. Even the best shooters in our group had trouble with it last night.

Another thing I'm happy to see in my weekly shooting matches is the presence of law enforcement and military personnel. They take the matches seriously, since quick reactions are even more important to them when it comes to gunfire. You want to talk about fast and accurate? These guys were running under 10 seconds in something that took me 21. I'd definitely call on them for backup if I was in an LE job.

They didn't get the disappearing target as nicely as I did, though. I guess I can live with that. Too bad it wasn't my qualifier, but that's for next week.

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