Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wilmette's Handgun Ban Struck Down in 7-0 Village Board Vote

Ah, DC vs. Heller causes another village in Illinois to rescind its ban on handguns.

In a just world we would see a luxuriously engraved letter of apology hand-delivered to Hale DeMar, too. He deserves it. It's nice to see that he has been at least somewhat vindicated after the December 2003 shooting of an intruder in his home. Why am I so interested in this compared to other suburbs who still ban handguns? Some of my first blog posts are on Hale DeMar's defense of his home, his willingness to explain his actions, and a bill defending his action submitted from an unlikely place. I hope Mr. DeMar gets some kind of justice for the trouble placed on his doorstep four years ago.

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