Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Formal Training for the Walk, Week 1

Very little has been going on last week, except for one thing: work. We had a lot of panicked callers to the agency and little time for anything else. It was the filing period for semi-annual reports from our registered committees, and I've been spending most of my days looking through math errors, misreported vendors, incomplete information, and the like. So I didn't have much time for shooting or the like.

Like I said last week, I had to switch from a running group to a walking group. One of my ankles is bad from a pair of nasty sprains, and my knees aren't much better. I do know I can at least run around the block a couple of times before I get winded now, so that's a bonus to me. If I don't run more than a mile or so, I'm okay. At two miles, I'm beginning to feel sore, and forget about three at the moment. That's going to take a few more months. I did a little running for a warm-up, then got to walking last night. If it's as sunny in mid-August as it usually is around here, even walking the 10-kilometer route will be hot, sweaty, miserable and still strangely fun. I did a lot of work on hills and upward slopes, so the hilly parts of the route will be easier.

The only difference this will make to me is that I have to walk a lot more often. I'm not exerting as much energy when I walk, so I need to walk a lot more often. I'll also be very very bored. When you run for exercise, you're going nowhere just like in walking for fitness, but at least you're getting there faster.

If it wouldn't cause dozens of panicked calls to the police, I suppose I could walk to the range instead of driving...

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