Monday, July 28, 2008

Morton Grove Rescinds Gun Ban

(Via Instapundit)

Rocket J. Squirrel said it thusly: "Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle!"

Fred Sanford said it thusly: "It's the big one, Elizabeth!"

Keanu Reeves declared: "Whoa."

This is the village that enacted the first handgun ban in the United States in 1981. For them to drop the ban without any fanfare is amazing. Now there's just one big honkin' hole in Cook County's map of Handgun-Friendly Cities. Gee, I wonder which city it could be?

(For those of you who shouted "Could it be.... SATAN?" in a Church Lady-esque voice, go to the back of the line.)

Yep, Chicago is going to fight the handgun ban on grounds that DC v. Heller only affects federal lands, not city lands. I think they're a little off on that account. There's that whole Incorporation Clause in the first part of the 14th Amendment that gives federal rights to all citizens in the state. I really don't think we want to see an abrogation of Constitutional rights, now, do we?

Most importantly, what does Marathon Pundit think will be the net result for his quiet suburb?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bowling Night Report for 7/24/08

I converted a lot of money into noise last night. The normal-sized steel popper targets were okay. The cardboard targets were okay.

The half-sized popper targets? Thanks to trying to be a completist, I expended a lot more ammo than I should have. I averaged 25 rounds for an 18-round stage. Oh, I will get my revenge on you little metal bastards. I will. You will not know the time or the stage, but I will knock you down repeatedly with great enjoyment.

I can't wait for the new sights to come in for my XD40 as well. They just got declared to be legal for Production class, so I can shoot either Limited or Production with my handgun. They ought to help quite a bit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wilmette's Handgun Ban Struck Down in 7-0 Village Board Vote

Ah, DC vs. Heller causes another village in Illinois to rescind its ban on handguns.

In a just world we would see a luxuriously engraved letter of apology hand-delivered to Hale DeMar, too. He deserves it. It's nice to see that he has been at least somewhat vindicated after the December 2003 shooting of an intruder in his home. Why am I so interested in this compared to other suburbs who still ban handguns? Some of my first blog posts are on Hale DeMar's defense of his home, his willingness to explain his actions, and a bill defending his action submitted from an unlikely place. I hope Mr. DeMar gets some kind of justice for the trouble placed on his doorstep four years ago.
Formal Training for the Walk, Week 1

Very little has been going on last week, except for one thing: work. We had a lot of panicked callers to the agency and little time for anything else. It was the filing period for semi-annual reports from our registered committees, and I've been spending most of my days looking through math errors, misreported vendors, incomplete information, and the like. So I didn't have much time for shooting or the like.

Like I said last week, I had to switch from a running group to a walking group. One of my ankles is bad from a pair of nasty sprains, and my knees aren't much better. I do know I can at least run around the block a couple of times before I get winded now, so that's a bonus to me. If I don't run more than a mile or so, I'm okay. At two miles, I'm beginning to feel sore, and forget about three at the moment. That's going to take a few more months. I did a little running for a warm-up, then got to walking last night. If it's as sunny in mid-August as it usually is around here, even walking the 10-kilometer route will be hot, sweaty, miserable and still strangely fun. I did a lot of work on hills and upward slopes, so the hilly parts of the route will be easier.

The only difference this will make to me is that I have to walk a lot more often. I'm not exerting as much energy when I walk, so I need to walk a lot more often. I'll also be very very bored. When you run for exercise, you're going nowhere just like in walking for fitness, but at least you're getting there faster.

If it wouldn't cause dozens of panicked calls to the police, I suppose I could walk to the range instead of driving...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Formal Training for the Run, Week 8

Like a certain detective once said "A man's gotta know his limitations." Week 7 was a bust, and Week 8? Well, 2 miles instead of 4 says that I didn't hit my target at all for this week's run. This sucks, ladies and gentlemen. I'm beginning to wonder if I can do this at all. I don't like thinking that way, either. All I seem to do is fall back further and further from the rest of the group. So, I have no idea what's next. I may need to switch to a walking group or something, or else I'll just have to run as much as I can and walk the rest of the way. This is a pretty lousy setback for me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What a week. Thunderstorms on the days I want to run, no competition shooting, either. One good thing did happen, though, and I got into a local private gun club. As long as I have spare time and spare ammo, I can shoot to my heart's content.

Hmm. I may just do that in a bit, too.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Where We Stand

As the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says, we've got a lot left in our missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot give up for the sake of our nation and for our newest allies. When we've got two new governments where regular, orderly change can be made via the ballot box instead of the gun or the bomb, where people can breathe free of religious oppression and worship freely without threat of government retaliation or even not have any religion in their lives, when violence is eschewed in place of argument and debate, we'll have victory. We're getting very close to that. I hope it will happen soon.

Compare this and this with this. It's the same nation of which they speak, yet neither is being officially censored or repressed. We may choose to point and laugh at one or the other, to shake our heads and say "What fools these mortals be" when taking issue with either site. Each author knows that he or will not be shut down because a government official has a personal grudge against them, their faith or lack of it. It's these simple things which we take for granted that are being fought for overseas. The concept of "America" is as important as the American soil on which we tread. Shortly after 9/11, a speaker at Columbia University hoped for "a million Mogadishus," echoing an earlier (and now quite dead) Communist icon's call to arms. Today, I'll hope for a million Springfields, a million Evanstons, a million St. Louises, a million Carbondales instead. I hope to spread the American ideal from each city, despite the local silliness unique to them. Some might think we're in horrible shape. I dissent. We haven't reached our destined glory, not yet.

Another July 4th, another Independence Day, another reminder how much is required to protect the freedoms we use daily. Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The "Half-Way 5K" for Week 6

I ran very slowly and walked even slower than normal last night due to eating a very heavy lunch. Lousy hydration and a body still trying to digest lunch made for a very miserable run.

On the plus side, my ankles, knees and shin didn't hurt. I made it through with an absolutely horrible time, though.