Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bowling Night Report 6/5/08

The lesson for tonight, kids, is this: speed kills, just not who you expect. No, there weren't any injuries at the range tonight or the like, but I shot some of my fastest times ever on a qualifier stage. The problem comes in where I missed a lot of shots on my first run through. If those would have been armed assailants, they would have been able to return fire easily. As it was, I just got a lot of misses and ruined my score.

The second run through showed the problem from the first. I was aiming low, a constant problem with my handgun at ranges beyond 15 yards. It was tougher than normal to get a decent sight picture, but these things happen. I didn't miss any on the second run, just by giving myself an extra four seconds to shoot. So, while speed kills when it comes to cars, going too fast on a stage might "kill" you instead.

And now, off for a late-evening run.

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