Friday, June 27, 2008

Bowling Night Report 6/26/08

I think the Heller decision must have made me extraordinarily giddy. The first run through last night's stage was in a word, awesome.

I have lost my apprehension of having to shoot at falling steel plate targets, too. Consider this: I'm shooting at something a little smaller than a dinner plate at 30 feet away. Now if it's at chest level, that's not too tough. Your eyes are judging everything at a parallel to slight angle. The falling plate target I was shooting at was about 12 inches off the ground, making the proper judgment of aiming more difficult. Usually you have don't have to worry about adjusting for slope until you're shooting at 50 to 100 yards away (as if you were really shooting uphill or downhill and have to adjust a scope accordingly) but even our best shooters can have problems with it. Then again, it's sort of like having to make a shot to stop an alligator or dog, though with the top of the target being about 20 inches high that'd be a mighty short dog. It's about chest high for the larger ill-trained dogs like the ones that recently attacked a mailman here in town. I'm no advocate for going out and shooting Fido, Rover, or even your local pet alligator (like Elvis from "Miami Vice," remember him?) to test this, though. Stick with the metal plates instead. They may not keep you up at night with incessant barking, but your neighbors won't be mad at you, either.

I also got the chance to handle Springfield Armory's latest plastic-framed import from Croatia, the XD-M. Sheer willpower prevented me from buying it on the spot. The trigger is wonderful right out of the box, as they appear to have taken the excess pull length out of it. On my XD, that requires a steady hand and a gunsmith fee. The sights are really nice for starters as well. Then there's my favorite part, especially as a competitive shooter: the XD-M uses 16-round magazines compared to the 12-round magazines I have for my current pistol. That would have helped me in both runs of last night's stage, as I miscounted the shots before my magazine change. Having to rack the slide wastes time. The grip of the gun also felt very nice, and with those interchangeable backstraps, it could fit my hand even better than my current pistol. A better fit leads to better accuracy, fewer misses and fewer wasted shots. I think I just found something for my "must-buy in the near future" list. I'll want to try it out at the range soon to be sure, though.

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