Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Formal training, week 5

I had a setback this week where I couldn't complete the entire run. I ended up having to head back early due to my right shin. The shin splints were working overtime yesterday. All they are (as if saying "all they are" makes it better) are tiny stress fractures. I have had to deal with these when I run for most of my life, including my time in the Air Force. It's why I didn't like running in the past. Yesterday was a big setback for me in not being able to run the entire 3 miles with my group. Next week is the "mid-term exam" for everyone, as we'll be running the first part of the race itself as a 5k run. This will be to get us used to the idea of needing to wear shoe tags for timing purposes, figuring out how to avoid the faster runners at the start and how to keep a good pace. Speed work is now part of the run, I guess. Distance isn't the only thing to worry about now. Six weeks ago if you told me I'd be running around 3 miles every other day I'd have said you were crazy. I was wrong, though. I'm able to do it, just very slowly.

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