Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Sometimes our men and women in uniform can't express their opinions in public. This isn't because we love censorship, but if you're in uniform and well-meaning and community-minded journalist asks you about something political, they might wind up (though I'd never say it was out of laziness or due to bad editing) using your comments as the "official opinion" of your service or any other part of the Department of Defense. Trust me, you know when you've been given the official opinion of the DoD or your service, as those come down from your Chiefs of Staff, service Secretaries, the Secretary of Defense or President.

So, what's a serviceman going to do when he's got to get something off of his chest? Well, he can blog it, or if he's of an artistic bent, he'll grab a artist's pad and stylus and make webcomics.

The best place to start for these is Armed Forces Comics. I have a special place in my heart for Air Force Blues and The Crew Dogs having been a witness to many junior officer shenanigans during my time as a flightline avionics specialist. Some civilians won't get it. Some might even be offended. This is part of the military life: complaining. Your worst enemy during peacetime is boredom. Your worst enemy in times of war is the guy trying to kill you at that moment. Regardless, there's going to be something to complain about when you get back from your day's mission. These artists can at least take the complaints and make light of them, making a lousy situation a little better.

So, if you've got nothing to do today once the parades and memorial ceremonies are over, go click on that link and work your way down the list. Hit the archives on each page, too. There's some truly funny stuff in there that lets you know how well the American serviceman can adapt and make the best of lousy situations.

Happy Memorial Day to you all.

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