Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Abe's Army Meeting

I attended the orientation meeting for Abe's Army, the first-time runners who are going to be training for a 10K run. The meeting was actually way more informative than I expected. I had expected everything to be simple "Here's where we meet, don't forget to stretch, and try not to die on the first night" speeches. I got a lot of good information on how to properly stretch, why carbohydrates are a good thing, and even got to see that the training was going to be provided for smaller groups than I expected. The biggest challenge doesn't seem to be mastering the run, it's getting the proper mindset. I can't wait to start next week. One of the things we got in the starter kit was a running log. Between that and this blog, I should have a good record for other couch potatoes who want to become former couch potatoes. I'll probably be spending this week and this weekend getting some last-minute informal training in. Whee, fun.

Another option given to us is racewalking. I never knew about this style of footrace, and after seeing what it can do for you, I may switch to that in a few years. Right now, though, my goal is to run Abe's Amble. I can walk it later.

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