Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bowling Night Report, 4/3/08

Tonight's qualifier was the true IPSC classic scenario, "El Presidente." It was designed for revolver shooters at first. You have a maximum of 12 shots in this scenario. You start with your hands raised and your back to the targets. The targets are set close to each other and are 10 yards away from you. When the buzzer sounds, you turn, draw, fire two shots into each target, do a mandatory reload, then engage the targets again with two shots each. As usual, I shot low, missing a shot on two of the targets. So I got 10 hits out of 12 on my first run and on my second run. For some reason, I couldn't see my front sight at all. It's like it was gone. Without a good sight picture, it's tough to get accurate shots.

Yes, I need a lot more regular practice and possibly better sights that won't "disappear" on me.

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