Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All kinds of things today

First, the first anniversary of the Virginia Tech Massacre. Take time to remember people like professor Liviu Librescu, a righteous man who gave his life to defend his students. Remember that the best defense will always be what's between your ears, but even that needs backup. It's time for colleges to realize that they have adults on campus, and said adults should be treated as such. Allow them to defend themselves by allowing concealed carry on campus.

Second, Pope Benedict XVI has arrived for his first visit to America. Welcome, Your Holiness. Thank you for speaking out immediately about the sexual abuse problems. The faithful expected something, even if we only heard a little bit on the radio. Now, if you can do anything about restoring the Catholic character to our Catholic universities, we'd appreciate the help.

Third, it was another good night for me on the treadmill. I'm not happy that it's not the road, but anything that doesn't cause me to get shin splints is a good thing.

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