Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taking a big step, or at least a few thousand of them

So, I signed up for the yearly 10K run in my hometown. I have three reasons for this. One, I want to see if I can even run 10 km in one go. I rarely ran more than two miles prior to this, either in school or in the Air Force. Two, I want to lose weight, since I’m carrying a lot of extra flab. Extra weight can lead to all kinds of health problems that I don't particularly want to deal with. I have a feeling I’ll be running slowly for a while. Three: I figure that being lighter and faster will help my IPSC times on both the stationary and the run-and-gun stages, and I’d like to get a B classifier sooner rather than later. I think switching to Limited is going to be my best bet on that. (Production is geared towards 9mm shooters, as everything is scored as minor. Compared to the .40 S&W round, the standard 9x19mm/ 9mm Parabellum/ 9mm Luger round has milder recoil.)

Why did I pick running out of all the other aerobic activities such as hiking, walking, cycling and such? The only aerobic exercise that will keep my attention is running. Stationary bikes, treadmills, all the various other types of aerobic exercises including regular cycling bore me after about two or three minutes. Boredom leads to going back to the computer to play City of heroes for hours on end. While that isn't a horrible thing, it's not exactly getting me a lot of exercise. I need to do something that will keep me occupied, and running is good for that. I also fully intend to blame every pound lost on my co-workers and their contagiously healthy lifestyles. I'll get around to telling them that sooner or later.

Thankfully there’s a group training program for new runners that goes with this run that starts in May. I’m starting this week on just some basics, as my good running shoes won’t be in for another week. It sucks having short and wide feet, as most regular shoe stores here don’t carry running shoes in double-E widths. It’s either D width or EEEE width, with nothing in between. I’m just glad there’s a specialty shop in town that can find the right shoes and get them in quickly. That was a nice surprise. Usually, I either have to go with larger than normal shoes to get the width I need or I have to wait for weeks on end to get a properly-fitted pair of shoes.

Well, here’s hoping I don’t place last. I'm sure I'll post a few things here and there about this as my training progresses.


Mark said...

Alright Doppelgaenger, where have you put the real Jason?

Jason said...

Ah, it's not that bad! I just decided that I want to know if I can run a 10k race with only a few months' worth of training. Besides, it won't put that much of a dent in my shooting or game time.