Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day! Finally!

It's Opening Day, and naturally Our Heroes The St. Louis Cardinals get rained out. However, we did get to see Albert Pujols belt a single-run homer and Rick Ankiel continue his progress in the major leagues. I remember watching him self-destruct as a pitcher in the 2000 NLCS against the Mets and thinking that his career was done, kaput, finito. I'm pretty happy to say that I was wrong. He's turned into a decent outfielder and isn't too shabby with his bat. Considering we saw the team lose a lot of steam in 2007 and collapse further in the off-season with the losses of defense players David Eckstein and So Taguchi and Scott Spiezio's major troubles with chemical addiction and problems with obeying laws, the team has nowhere to go but up. I wonder if Tony LaRussa is going to continue with the small-ball strategies now that he's got a little more oomph in his lineup? I hope to see the game continue tomorrow.

Oh, and the Cubs snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on Opening Day once again. Here's to a Century of Consistency, Northsiders!

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