Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bowling Night Report, 3/20/08

The stage had 10 Steel targets tonight. I really hate steel targets as I tend to hit low on them if I hit at all. Well, tonight I did pretty damn good on them. I still hit low, but I knocked them down quickly. My second run through the stage was better than my first. I was still slow but more accurate. For some reason, switching from Production to Limited class has really helped me relax, and I'm not sure why. My shots score as a Major power factor (the bigger and faster the round, the more likely to cause a stopping shot on a person, thus you get more points for using a bigger bullet. Most shooting games like this tend to favor .45 handguns.) but I only get two more shots per magazine, from 10 to 12 rounds. Well, whatever it is, I'm digging it. I definitely need to get a practice day in every week in addition to my weekly shooting match. I want to see what I'm doing wrong with my aim.

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