Friday, February 22, 2008

Lent 1, Doughnuts 0

So, for Lent I gave up having doughnuts for breakfast. I usually get them two or three times a week from a certain glorious manufacturer of breakfast pastries. It's a local chain, too, and has basically sent the other doughnut chains packing when they've come to town. Yes, they're that good.

This morning, what do I find at the office as I walk in to get my morning coffee and warm up the breakfast I'd brought from home? Yes, two large two-dozen boxes of the One True Doughnut. Every time I'd go to get a refill on my coffee, they sat there as if they were staring at me and chanting "Eat us! We're delicious! No one will know!"

I managed to avoid the temptation. Chalk up one more little Lenten victory.

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