Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! Let's go shooting!

My local practical shooting club had its annual "Hangover Match" today, so I got to the range at 9am to begin the fun.

Captain Ahab had Moby Dick, King Pellinore had the Questing Beast, and I have the nemesis known as Steel Plates. For whatever reason today, I could not shoot the stupid targets if they were made out of steel. The cardboard targets were no problem; I hit them poorly, but I hit them quickly. The steel plates, though, decided to give me more fits than normal. Even slowing down to shoot did nothing to help.

What I need is an opportunity to shoot between weekly sessions where I can work on a variety of paper and steel targets. The steel targets are usually no more than three feet off the ground, so I'm having to shoot low to begin with. I will get the hang of shooting them more often.

I will be a very happy shooter when that happens.

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