Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bowling Night Report, 1/10/08

Well, it's a Non-Bowling Night Report, actually. I didn't go shooting tonight.

So, I'll just instead pay my respects to Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who proved that Mt. Everest was conquerable. I remember reading about it and thinking "Wow, that's a brave man" when I was little. When I read about it as a teenager I thought "Sure, he did it, but so what?" Now that I'm older I realize why he did it.

It's because the mountain was there to be climbed. No one had ever gotten to the top of Everest and returned to tell about it. It was something that couldn't be tamed, but it could be beaten for at least a little while. It was a challenge to prove that man could survive no matter what the world threw at us. It was proof a man could master himself and achieve his goal.

When I think of it in those terms, I realize that while my goal of becoming a better shooter and better competition pistol shooter is nowhere near as dangerous as his goal, I realize that I can achieve it. I may never take home a trophy or any other prize from a national competition, but I will become a damn good shooter through hard work and practice. Sir Edmund's death can trigger a reminder like that.

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