Monday, November 19, 2007

National Ammo Day - What Are We Buying?

Well, as for me it's four boxes of .40 S&W for my XD40, and two boxes of .357 Magnum for my Smith & Wesson 649 and its new companion piece, a Puma 92. The Puma is a Brazilian copy of the old Winchester model of 1892 lever-action rifle. Have you ever seen the old Chuck Connors tv western "The Rifleman" on any of the old networks? The gun he uses is a Winchester 92. The new version I have is all stainless steel instead of blued steel so it's slightly easier easy to clean and protect. The hardwood used for the stock is only mildly finished but quite nice nonetheless. It's a very affordable rifle, too, coming in well under $500. .357 Magnum is a common pistol caliber so I don't have difficulty finding ammunition for it.

So far I've bought 300 rounds of ammunition. It's not much, but it's a nice start anyway. My major purchases of firearms are pretty much complete. The next step is getting very good with them, and I've got quite a few years to do that.

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