Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bowling Night Report 11/15/07

There's not much new here. Went out, shot the stage twice, did about average. The steel targets dropped pretty quickly for me for once, so I'm happy there. I also finally got my timing down to make decent double-tap shots; that is, two shots in rapid succession. So I have the speed down for them. I'm running a heavy bullet through my .40 caliber pistol, and it goes nice and fast so I've got the power as well.

The accuracy, though, is still in need of a little work. I missed a few shots tonight which will pretty much negate one score tonight. I'd love to hear nothing but "Two Alpha" (meaning that both shots hit in Zone A of the target and are worth the most points) on each target as it is scored, but that'll be a while. As long as I get points on each target, though, it'll improve my scores.

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