Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bowling Night, 11/1/07

So, I took a month off from shooting my weekly IPSC matches. I felt like I'd hit a plateau, so I needed to take a little time off. I went back tonight and wow, there was a great difference. Tonight's match was to engage seven targets with one shot each, do a mandatory reload, then engage all seven targets again with one shot each. Any shot after that would dock you ten points off of your score, so you had to really limit yourself. No-shoot targets were placed on top of five of the targets, partially concealing the targets. If you shot the no-shoot target, it was counted as a miss. The scenario was pretty much a modified "human shield" scenario, where you had to miss the human shields and get the nasty folks behind them. I did pretty well tonight. My shooting was still slower than some, but faster and more accurate than usual. The only problem was on the second re-shoot where I decided to go as fast as I could. I missed 3 shots out of 14, which isn't a good thing at all. The main shoot and first re-shoot, though were top-notch for me. Hopefully the scores will show the same.

I suppose this goes to show you that when you need to take a break, you take a break and rest. When you go back, you'll shoot better than if you try to tough it out. Shooting competitively is as much mental as it is physical. I also missed the smell of gunpowder, too. There's something about gunpowder that may not smell like victory, but definitely smells like fun.

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