Sunday, October 07, 2007

I didn't shoot this past week either. The car was in the shop, so I had no transportation out to the range. It was getting some body work done. Last week did provide a pretty good-sized surprise for the City of Heroes MMO community. We got our first looks at Issue 11.

It was known that in Issue 11 two new powersets would be available, those being Dual Blades and Willpower. These two sets will provide some new options for the melee archetypes in the game (Brutes, Scrappers, Stalkers and Tankers). Most of the ranged and support players weren't too happy as this doesn't help them much. The biggest surprises of all came in a one-two punch combination: Weapon Customization and Flashback.

Weapon Customization is a nice cosmetic feature for the game, as all the various players of weapons-using archetypes can swap out older weapon models for newer ones. The ability to change colors on some weapons will help make the characters a little more unique. I was very surprised to hear about all of the custom weapons models for the underused War Mace powerset that Tankers can choose. This set has been the neglected child of the Tanker secondary powersets for quite a long time. Mediocre damage plus a chance for weak stuns did not make this a very good set. This set will be getting many new models to replace the standard mace. It seems War Mace tankers will now have a plethora of tools such as hammers, wrenches and shovels to use in place of the spiky war mace, as well as other mace designs.

Flashback is touted as giving players a chance to replay their favorite story arcs with their favorite characters. In addition, you can also set a lot of parameters for each mission to further challenge yourself. If this is pulled off properly, I think it could be as big as the previous Issue's hero and villain co-operative zone and random Rikti attacks. I think it ought to be pretty decent as the level of people complaining about it is still outweighed by the number of people willing to give the developer team a chance to stand or fall on their own. The last Issue was a big success, I hope this will be the same.

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