Monday, September 03, 2007

Celebrating the end of Summer, 62 Grains at a Time

I headed over to the local indoor range and finally got a good sight zero on my AR-15. The front sight adjuster works like a charm. I had no problems trying to move the front sight post. At 25 yards it shoots where I point it. At 50 yards, however, I still need some more work. Rifle shooting may have a lot of similarities to pistol, but the distances traveled make precise breath control and trigger squeeze even more important. Moving even half an inch to the left can mean the difference between a perfect shot and a missed opportunity. I'm also trying out using a sling to remove some of the body's natural shaking when you stay still. It's a great help as it keeps you on target longer. One thing is for sure, though, and that is that I need more practice. I think between using the AR and the .22 I've got plenty of chances to become a decent rifle shot. Once I do that, then I can start playing around with different bullet wights and lengths to find a .223 cartridge that I and my rifle both like. The 62-grain full metal jacket round is pretty nice. I want to try some heavier rounds and some soft-point or hollow-point rounds to see how they react to my shooting.

Shooting is an expensive hobby, but it is never a boring one.

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