Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dutch Bishop Suggests Calling God "Allah"

Okay, clearly Pope Benedict needs to have a talk with this guy. The Arabic word for God is "Allah," and it's heard regularly in Masses. Those Masses do happen to be held entirely in Arabic, though. His suggestion makes it sound like Catholics in his diocese should be using "Allah" in place of the Dutch word for God. Funny how that just happens to be "God." Mind you, this bishop also advocates stealing bread if you're hungry. Here's the problem. He doesn't exactly give the circumstances where it's acceptable, and he should at least refer to Scripture and the relevant parts of canon law and the Catechism. His stance on using condoms to prevent AIDS is troubling as well, if only that he should properly teach the virtues and practice of chastity, continence and abstinence. I think he's mistaken popularity for authority, and in my opinion he'd rather stir up controversy through sound bites than stir it up by actually sticking to Catholic teachings. If he wants to be on television so much, he should do it by preaching the Truth that is Jesus Christ. That will provide more than enough controversy for anti-religious media producers.

If you'll also notice, he manages to annoy both Muslim and Protestant alike with his advice. Great job, Bishop Muskens! Yes, exacerbate the problems between Muslims and Christians with this statement, and expand the rift between Catholics and Protestants.

Bishop Muskens needs some Papal guidance in the manner of wall-to-wall counseling. I do hope that he will receive that guidance. We have enough troubles in our Church as it is, and this just adds something new to it.

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