Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bowling Night, August 9th Edition

Shooting left-handed is working better than I expected. When I first got my gun and brought it to the range, my shooting was awful, as it should be when you haven't touched a gun in over 10 years. You're going to be rusty.

As time went on, I saw that I wasn't getting any better. Was I just a naturally lousy shot, or was there something else? Well, one of the guys at the range suggested that I might be cross-eye dominant, that even though I was left-handed, my right eye was my primary focusing eye. I switched to shooting right-handed and suddenly my accuracy increases almost overnight. The range owner hooks me up with the local IPSC shooting club, and I start shooting competitively.

Well, there's a huge difference in being able to line up a shot on a static range and being able to line up a good shot when you're moving and trying to move from target to target quickly. My practical shooting was dismal. So, I checked my eye dominance again.

I'd either switched to left-eye dominance or I may not have been right-eye dominant at all. I think my scores jumped about ten to twenty percent in one week, and tonight's session just reinforced it. I'm shooting southpaw again.

One of the upsides is I now have two holsters that fit my gun should my eye dominance change. The other is that while I'm not great with my right-hand shooting I won't miss every single shot if I have to shoot right-handed. I do feel good that I've been able to increase my scores, too. The past two shooting sessions have been very good for me.

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