Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bowling Night, 8/2/07

It seems all I needed to do was clean out the magazine which gave me such trouble last week, and it works fine again. I used it during the competition and there were no hangups. I ran three sessions, and my second seemed to be best. I now have enough qualifier matches to get ranked nationally. I have a feeling I'll be closer to the bottom of the pack than the top, but that's what happens unless you go into the competition with only a few months of regular shooting activity under your belt. I also fired some of the Black Hills jacketed hollow point rounds as well, mostly to make sure they still fed properly. I could easily see using these as self-defense ammunition, as they work great in my gun.

Of course, the chance to pick up any of my preferred Blazer Brass ammo dried up before I got to the local Wal-Mart, as everyone who fires my gun realizes how good it is. So, I got the second option, Winchester's 165-grain full metal jacket rounds. They're a decent target round, but they always leave soot or something close to it in my gun. It's very dirty ammunition.

Of course, if I was really into the competition beyond what I am, I'd have a reloading bench set up. Someday I'll be able to do that, but for now, no.

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