Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The sun is out, the birds are singing

...and I'm stuck in the office. Today looks like perfect weather for outdoor shooting. I guess I'll wind up doing what I normally do instead: practicing my draw and initial aim for tomorrow night's IPSC match. Fifteen minutes of doing nothing but draw, bring the gun to eye level and point at the target.

I'd also love to talk about my job. Suffice it to say that the thrill has not yet left the job, despite being here almost a year. Most of my other jobs had the enjoyment crushed out of them long before this point in time. On average, my old customer service jobs burned me out in about five months. Here I am at almost eleven months and I'm loving the job, despite taking phone calls that range from assuring campaign treasurers that we don't arrest people because of paperwork mistakes (my agency doesn't have that kind of power, we give it over to the State's Attorney if we see something that is truly criminal in nature) to giving software tutorials over the phone to first-time electronic filers. It seems sometimes like those are the only calls we get, but they're a lot more fun now than similar working with similarly-upset callers in the private sectors.

My job has also been a wonderful lesson in keeping political opinions to oneself and getting the job done. Sure, I'd love to berate some state and local politicians for their pin-headed ideas on how to govern, but I may work with the treasurers of those pols' campaigns whenever a phone call comes in. I have to put everything aside and be politically neutral. I can't favor one group over another. I also can't work on any political commitees for candidates or referenda due to those creating conflicts of interest with my job.

That's why my blog has become more or less a shooter's diary with the occasional Second Amendment-related post thrown in. Gun ownership is a non-partisan issue, despite how political parties in general line up in regards to ownership issues. It's something that is every American citizen's right to learn to the best of their ability. I don't sympathize with people who choose not to exercise this right, but I have no problems with letting them continue their existence. I only have a problem when people who wish to eliminate gun ownership decide to force others to take the same position as they do. Said anti-ownership types should not mistake the kindness and good nature of gun owners for weakness. Likewise, gun owners should remain polite if not outright neighborly with the anti-ownership people. Being polite and neighborly doesn't mean being passive, either. You can still defend your right to own a gun without yelling. It's appropriate at times to be angry and make snide remarks to get your point across, but not every time. Constant anger about a subject isn't a sign of moral purity or zeal, I know this much from experience in my blogging. It's a sign that you're investing too much of yourself at that moment, and that you need to go and relax.

I suggest taking a trip to your local range to relax. Plinking with a .22 rifle is more relaxing for me even than fishing.

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Weetabix said...

Don't forget to include the occasional Catholic aside. Those are interesting, too.