Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bowling Night, 7/5/07

Thankfully this time the scenario didn't require as much pattern-recognition as last week's, but there was still a no-shoot target blocking a good portion of two targets. I hit the no-shoot target once, which cost me points of course. Overall, though, I did pretty good. I think my shots all went into targets as opposed to missing completely.

I'll say this much, though: I'm not crazy about Winchester ammunition. I shot a total of 32 rounds of their 165-grain FMJ (full metal jacket, it doesn't expand like a hollow point or soft point) and when I went to clean it there was all kinds of crud in the barrel. I don't know what CCI/Speer does with their Blazer Brass ammunition or what Black Hills Ammunition uses in their cartridges but I have never had such a dirty barrel before. The 165-grain rounds were kind of snappy. I hoped they'd produce a bit less recoil, but it was about the same.

Cleaning my handgun also became a bit easier thanks to judicious use of a Hoppe's Boresnake. It's a woven cloth tube with two copper brushes embedded within the tube itself. Basically what you do is spray your bore cleaner into the barrel and swirl it around to get the best coverage. Wait for the cleaner to do its thing, then pass the boresnake through 2 to 4 times. I followed it up with a dry patch to see if I could pick up any remaining grime, because the Boresnake seems too good to be true. It worked as advertised. The inside of the barrel was gleaming and free of crud as it should be, and I essentially pushed a clean patch all the way through. I finished up with a light coat of oil for the barrel and then cleaned the slide and frame as normal. So, my XD40 is once again ready for next week's shooting match.

Now I just need to lavish further attention on the rest of my collection. Guns are nice to look at but if you aren't at the range, competing in a sport event or hunting they're just pieces of art you keep in a box.

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texasflyfisher said...

I also made the switch away from WWB to CCI Blazer Brass for my XD-40 and am very happy with it. It is much cleaner and feeds flawlessly. Also, with it being $7.57 per 50 count box at the local Walmart, it is also cheaper!

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