Friday, July 13, 2007

Bowling Night- 7/12 edition

I think I need to pick up a left-handed holster. I shoot all right with both hands but lately my eye dominance has been switching from my right eye to my left. It goes back and forth. I thought I was right-eye dominant, but it's not working out very well at the moment. I switched over to shooting right-handed because my right eye became dominant as I was learning to shoot. Now it's switching back.

I'm also getting a bit more body awareness; that is, where my hands and feet are, how my weight is shifted in my stance. Having the foot that is opposite my shooting hand forward really helps out. Plus I still find myself locking my elbows more often than not.

I still manage to get plenty of scoring shots, though, so I'm pretty sure I'm improving. I've set a goal of getting at least a B classification by next year, and I think that's possible.

In non-IPSC competition news, I also got my recent order of 400 rounds of .223 Remington. Yep, I bought an AR clone from Rock River Arms a few weeks back. It shoots pretty nicely, though I need to take it to an outdoor range to really put it through its paces. I hope I remember my M-16 familiarization enough to shoot properly.

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