Friday, June 08, 2007

Well, the Thursday night shoot was a simple one based off of the old "El Presidente" drill (Starting with your hands up and back towards the targets, turn around, draw and shoot three targets twice each.) I did pretty well, considering we were allowed only six shots total for each part of the stage. It was rather hot at the range, and my safety glasses fogged up from sweat at the end of my first shoot. Not fun. The re-shoot was worse as far as visibility went, as the glasses fogged up again during my second string of shots. I still managed to score points on the targets, though not as well as if I could see 100%.

I also finally got my Buy-A-Gun Day rifle that I ordered back in March. When the company you order from says "six to eight weeks" you should believe them. I do have some passing familiarity with this type of rifle as well, though the version I own is a bit more advanced in terms of accuracy than the ones I've used before. It'll make a nice varmint/anti-coyote gun, too. Not that we get too many coyotes around here who need to be put down, but if I ever head out west to help cull their population, I'll be ready. I can also now compete in the IPSC 3-Gun matches assuming I can borrow my dad's Remington 870. It's one of those "too nice not to shoot" guns. It's got all the features of a good police shotgun: 8 shots, short 18-inch barrel, and rifle post sights. And as it's my dad's he keeps it in perfect condition. You'd swear it just came out of the box.

What's Buy-A-Gun Day? In response to the Income Tax filing deadline, a gun blogger named Kim DuToit proposed that those of us who got refunds should purchase a gun with that money. He's also proposed November 19th to be National Ammo Day (buy a box or two to annoy your local anti-gun politicians), and I can appreciate that. I go through a lot of ammunition now that I shoot IPSC matches regularly.

Anyway, I can't wait to get the rifle zeroed in. It's funny, though. I could have sworn that .223 Remington was bigger when I was in the Air Force. My mind must be playing tricks on me. Oh well, I'm going to go out and have a lot of fun getting the new rifle sighted in.

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off the subject, but good news from DePaul:,1,1567234.story?coll=chi-news-hed

Finkelstein at least was denied tenure.