Sunday, June 10, 2007

Found on Marathon Pundit

Cardinal George Tells Local Priest To Stifle It

Okay, so that's my idea of a good headline, no one else's. Anyway, Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina's Parish in Chicago has been reprimanded by the Archbishop of Chicago for using threatening words in his recent appearance at an anti-gun rally in a nearby suburb. See, when you talk about "snuffing out" the person whose behavior you don't like, the common parlance is that you're wanting to kill them. Using "snuff" as a verb means "to extinguish." Did Father Pfleger call for the owner of that gun store to be extinguished? His verbiage says so. Using the term "snuff out" to mean "expose" is kind of dumb. Father Pfleger needs to realize that by playing to local politics he makes himself look like a fool when seen outside of the South Side. I have no problem forgiving Father Pfleger if he realizes that maybe he should check the Catechism again about self-defense, look at the Book of John and the Book of Luke to see that Jesus wasn't against people being armed for their defense (otherwise Peter couldn't have carried a sword around, now, could he?) and generally stop trying to act like a hellfire-and-brimstone street preacher. Even if that's what his audience demands, he needs to be a bit calmer and think things through.

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