Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bowling Night Results

Okay, so it's not really bowling, it's actually IPSC night. Practical Shooting night is pretty much the equivalent social sport to me that bowling was two generations ago. So, I call my weekly or bi-weekly shooting night bowling night.

Anyway, I did all right, but I'm all over the place. Focusing on my front sight hasn't helped much, but I still score all right. I still shoot a bit low, so it caused some trouble on tonight's shoot where I grazed the no-hit targets a couple of times. The no-hit targets covered up about a third of the desired targets. The roughest part was being the first shooter of the night. It was a bit odd seeing all those unpatched cardboard targets and pristine white steel poppers in front of me. I ran very low on my regular target ammo, but I managed to snag a couple of pretty inexpensive boxes of Black Hills hollowpoint rounds for home defense a few weeks ago. I used two magazines of those for my reshoot. I don't know how they manage to make their ammo so affordable, but you get a great cartridge for the price you pay. I'd recommend their ammuntion to anyone, just like I do with CCI/Blazer Brass ammuntion. They're good bullets at good prices.

I finished early, though, so I had some time to peruse the gun shop that's attached to the range. They had some pretty nice new lever-action carbines in there. Now, if only they had them in a caliber that I already shoot, I'd be very tempted to make another purchase. Besides, this is the United States of America. Lever-action rifles are a part of our history.

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