Friday, June 29, 2007

Bowling Night or "Wait, they changed the order?"

So, on Thursday I went to my usual night of IPSC shooting. The concept was simple. Each target had a club, diamond, or spade on it. You draw a card, and whichever of those three suits you get, you do NOT shoot the targets with that suit on it.

So I step into the box, hear the signal, draw and fire. Great! Go to the next station, and I'm laying into those targets like it's no big deal. I hit the third station and it's all over!

Yeah, I didn't realize that the next two stations would change out the positions of each suit in the set of targets. One went club-diamond-spade, the next was diamond-club-spade, the last was club-spade-diamond. So, instead of looking at the entire target, I focused on the front sight and engaged the wrong target in the last two stations.

Just remember that you've got to analyze each set-up as fast as possible and assume nothing until you see what you're presented. I did much better on my re-shoot, though. The reason I did much better because I surveyed the targets before shooting to make sure nothing had moved around again. Still, though, it's pretty embarrassing. It also drove home the idea that you MUST be sure of your target before you fire. I'm glad I learned it in a sporting situation instead of a real-world one. I can learn from this mistake and become a more careful shooter and thus a better shooter.

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