Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Next I'll be Hugging Whales for Al Gore

So, I replaced the lightbulbs in my bedroom with compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Now to see how well they work, if they're long lasting, etc. So far I like them. The two 15-watt bulbs I installed have replaced two 60-watt incandescent bulbs that both died after three or four months.

Pros: I'm getting the same amount of light.

Cons: The bulbs barely fit inside the glass diffuser on the light fixture.

Neutral: The warm-up time. Unlike the instant-on blindness you can get at night, the few minutes it takes to completely light up helps my eyes adjust. That's an unexpected benefit. However, as it gets colder the lightbulbs will take longer and longer to come up to full brightness. It's almost like there needs to be the CFL equivalent of an oil warmer for cars. I doubt, however that the power needed to maintain the "bulb heater" would still keep the place more energy-efficient. So I can live with it.

So, why did I do this? I love the gee-whiz types of technology that you find in magazines like Popular Mechanics, especially when it comes to more energy-efficiency. That leads to lower utility bills in the long term despite a higher investment at the outset. Basically, I'm running my own test to see how well the room does with the new lights. As time passes, more bulbs will be changed out around the house (I hope) if all goes well.

So, am I doing this in some show of solidarity for Gaia? No. Am I a guy who likes to spend more money on things I want than on boring stuff like bills? You betcha!

Al Gore can hold his breath until I hug a whale, though. Fewer CO2 emissions that way.

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