Saturday, May 19, 2007

Like Night and Day

So, after Thursday's execrable performance at the IPSC shoot, I headed to the range today to go over what I may or may not have been doing to ruin my aim. Yep. I thought as much. Not enough trigger finger. The XD40 has a trigger safety and unless I put my finger in far enough to cup it with the first joint, my accuracy suffers. The real problem with that is that I have move my whole hand to get that safety cupped properly. It's tough to do during a draw-and-shoot situation like the IPSC matches require. I think this tells me what I need to practice for next week's run.

I also had an opportunity to run a few rounds through a Springfield TRP Operator, one Springfield Armory's variations on the venerable Model 1911 handgun. I love my XD40 dearly, and I would bet my life on it working all the time. Then there's the TRP. WOW! I loaded up 5 rounds and all five hit center mass like they're supposed to. That fifth inch of barrel really helps out in terms of accuracy. Plus the barrel is a bit heavier to reduce recoil. I was amazed. Springfield makes some fine guns, and maybe one of their .45s will follow me home someday. Too bad our idiot politicians in Chicago and other gun-negative locales are driving out Illinois gun manufacturers with things like the gross receipts tax and the anti-gun legislation like SB16 and SB1007. We're going to lose business because of their policies. Way to go, morons!

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