Thursday, May 10, 2007

IL Senate Approves 10-round Limit

So, SB 1007 has been approved by a bunch of upstate politicians. Typical. Of course, naturally, military and police personnel may have larger-capacity magazines than us peasants. The breakdown is that no one outside of the Chicago area voted for this.

Senator Dan Kotkowski (D-Park Ridge) shows his stupidity by saying that 10-round magazines would have prevented some of the deaths in the Virginia Tech shooting. Why? Because Seung-Hui Cho would have had to reload more often! Ahem... BULLSHIT.

Personally I think the Senators are scared of their constituents and want to be able to use superior firepower on said constituents whenever they feel like it. So, give the police and miltary more ammunition capacity, right? Look, spending a second or two reloading wouldn't have given those students any more chance than they already had. Why? The students there were conditioned to cower and take whatever happens to them. They were never taught to resist even if it gets you killed.

The bill is going to the House, where it will probably get passed as well. To all the gun manufacturers in Illinois, please go elsewhere to restart your companies. Cook County and its collar counties are filled with very stupid politicians who are willing to scapegoat you and ruin your business if it gets them even just one more vote. Please leave so I can continue to purchase your products without threat of a GRT or further weapons ban hanging over your heads.

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