Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wait a minute...

The earth is getting hotter and hotter and there's nothing we can do about it short of turning the middle-class and working-class people of the United States into an unwashed electricity-starved proletariat while people who can afford to buy carbon indulgences (excuse me, carbon offsets) can fly around the world and do as they please. At least this is what I can infer by what rich people with private aircraft say in regards to global warming.

Meanwhile, Illinois is in the middle of a nasty cold snap after a winter that wasn't very pleasant and excessively ice-filled. Usually our temperatures now are in the 60s. It got into the low 30s.

Yeah, I'm taking man-made (that's "anthropogenic" if you like using big words) global warming seriously. Every time Al Gore talks, we freeze. Dear Al: please stop talking. I really hate the cold to begin with, but when you add in cold temperatures with a month that is supposed to get warm quickly, I really wonder if the "All the middle-class white people of America's fault" version of Global Warming is as real as the chattering classes might like it to be.

Tell you rich people with airplanes what: Stop buying carbon offsets as an excuse for your oil-guzzling ways. Sell all your stuff, even your houses and airplanes and things you think you can't live without, and buy the rest of us all of this stuff that will supposedly generate all the electricity we need at the household level. Then spend your money to make sure that we all can convert our current petroleum-using vehicles to flex-fuel hybrids. Eventually, you'll find out you're broke, but hey, you've put your money where your mouth is.

Wait, who am I kidding? "Creating awareness" is enough for these folks to feel self-satisfied. Can't the moral scolds go back to lectures on temperance against Demon Rum?

See, I honestly love the gee-whiz type energy generation technology: wind-power, solar power, geothermal heating, even using otherwise wasted heat energy to power thermophotovoltaic generators, things like that. Sadly, these technological small-scale solutions don't make people feel good when compared to telling someone they should take the bus everywhere and keep the lights and heat off as much as possible. They also don't work great when used individually.

Basically this boils to down to "Show me the money." I don't see our enviro-scolds spending all their money on outfitting the poor and downtrodden with more efficient methods of energy usage. So it makes me wonder if they believe what they say or if they say it to feel good about themselves.

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